8/23 Baby Girl's arrival

 8:12 AM on Monday August 23 baby Olivia made her unexpected arrival into the world. She came into the world in a fury of fists and kicks and attempt at loud cries that surprised all the doctors being that she was only 24 weeks and 3 days gestation. Let me briefly begin with how we got here...

August 19, Thursday, I started to notice very mild cramps midday. Being a first time momma I have my OB on speed dial. They scheduled an appointment for Friday and suggested I take it easy but continue to monitor everything. Nothing was intense or constant. No bleeding or abnormalities. I had been on my feet all day and very busy at work, I didn't think much of it either. I got home, pounded water, rested on the couch and everything subsided. The next morning while in the waiting room of the office my cramping came back out of no where. The midwife who evaluated me figured maybe I had an infection and had me prepped to check. Within minutes though, she had me get dressed and was preparing Kevin and I for a quick and emergent drive to Wake Med Raleigh. I was 5 cm dilated.

To spare all the details I continued at 5cm throughout the weekend. By God's grace I was able to receive doses of steroids, prophylactic antibiotics and magnesium sulfate to protect the baby. The neonatal doctors, who gave Olivia a fairly poor prognosis upon our arrival Friday, were pleased, saying all of these things increased her survival rate to from 60% to almost 80%. Although Kevin and I prayed, (as well as many of our friends, families, strangers, church bodies, and bible study groups), that Olivia would hold on for several weeks...God and Olivia had different plans. "She's feisty", per every doctor and nurse that were in the delivery room. In her first moments she gripped Kevin's finger, in what he calls an attempt to let him know "Dad I got this don't worry". 

This blog is her journey from birth through NICU. We will do our best to update and to be transparent and honest, even in times of hardship or sadness. We just ask that people continue to pray for Olivia. Pray for her health, her strength, her growth, her development. Pray for the doctors and the nurses, the therapists, the specialists, the other NICU families and babies. Pray for our families who don't have the luxury to see their granddaughter, cousin, niece and who are being so strong for us. Pray for Kevin and I as we navigate uncharted waters and continue to put our trust in an all knowing God. 

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