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3/31 Spring has arrived!

Warmer weather is finally here!                        It's been an exciting start to the season. In the course of a month we have been able to wean Olivia from constantly using oxygen to only using it when she is eating or sleeping at night. A huge step for her! The doctors are continuing to be cautious with decreasing the oxygen. They still believe she may be working too hard (and burning calories) with eating which is why she still uses oxygen with meals.  Speaking of meals, she has been battling terrible acid reflux recently-which has been rough on all of us. It's resulted in a hungry, but pitifully irritable baby and TONS of laundry for Kevin (due to the copious amount of spit up). We see the doctor again next week and of course my anxiety about her weight gain has been exponential. She is right under 13lbs now. As long as she’s gaining weight I believe the doctors will continue to decrease the use of oxygen. We are also hoping we can figure out a way to combat the acid re