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Last Days of Summer

Being in North Carolina provides some decently warm days well into the end of September and even part of October. We have been lucky enough to soak in a ton of sun during these last summer days. We started September off with an impromptu trip to the beach-just the three of us. It was so much fun being able to just pick up and leave. It wasn't long ago that we were tethered to oxygen lines and equipment.    We also spent many days at the local "water park" beating the heat and hanging out with her older cousin, Branson. Both babies love the outdoors. Olivia has gotten to a point that she knows when shoes are going on her feet-we are going outside. It's been a blessing to have such nice weather and so many nice parks close by. We will have to get really creative with activities once the weather starts to cool off! Disclaimer-no she cannot reach the peddles, but she likes to climb on the bike and be pushed around the yard. She's getting big but not that big yet!    M