I think I’m still in shock that we are actually in the car…driving Olivia home! Of course I’m not driving-I’m just snapping all the pictures. 
This is a huge appreciation post to all the staff at the NICU, friends, family, strangers, coworkers…people who prayed for us, advocated with us, listened, cried,  and laughed with us, held our hands through the difficult times, and celebrated the wins.  

As we were wheeling through the halls…back tracking the way Kevin and I came speeding up over four months ago…so many emotions. When we arrived…Olivia was given  60% survival chance. 

The day she was born that percent had jumped to 80%. 

And here we are today…a living breathing miracle and proof of the power of God. This is not the birth story I hoped for, or the first four months of motherhood I envisioned-but I would never ever take back what I’ve gained. We are so thankful for Olivia! 

Thank you to everyone again for support and prayer, kind words and cards, meals…I can’t say thank you enough!

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