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Jumping through July

It seems like summer is just flying by! Looking back through pictures from this month I realize we have really been making the most of these hot summer days! The beginning of the month we spent our annual week at the beach with Kevin's side of the family. I can not describe how much fun it is to have that many family members under one roof for a week!  Olivia has a total of 7 cousins on that side of the family with one cousin being only a month older than she is! I think she was a little overwhelmed at first, but she quickly found her voice, loved all the attention.. …and began stealing toys in no time.  She is very obviously an only child and has some serious not sharing issues we are working through.  Overall the week was a huge success! Like our last beach trip, Olivia thoroughly enjoyed the tide pools and eating handfuls of sand. We did bring a small plastic pool and let the little kiddos sit and play when the tide was too high (and no tide pools). It was such a great beach hac