12/19 NICU Day 118

 I completely forgot the feeling of working night shift until this morning. Kevin and I are back to taking shifts at the hospital-but I am so full of joy I don’t think the tiredness has fully set in!

Olivia did outstanding on her feeding schedule. She hit her goal for intake and gained weight. She is now a hefty 7 lbs 13.9 oz!! I love her cute outfits, but still really love when she’s unwrapped and I can see all her chunks! Oh and this elf hat-I think one of the nurses made them for all the babies. I’ve had too much fun making Olivia take pictures with it. But like her dad, even if she doesn’t love it, she puts up with it for me.

The sleepovers will continue until Olivia is discharged…which is now becoming a real possibility of happening this upcoming week. She is still on oxygen-and it sounds like this will be something that gets weaned as an outpatient. But Kevin and I are continuing to believe in miracles and that she will come home completely tube free. 

Her oxygen was turned down from 0.5L to 0.3L today. The doctors prefer that if she does need oxygen for home, for it to be 0.3L or less. So far she has done well with the change. 

These pictures are from yesterday afternoon. I told the nurse I had a cute Christmas onsie from my dad for Olivia. Of course we had to take a picture! The nurse was kind enough to remove the oxygen and tape so we could get some good full face pictures :) 

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