12/24 NICU Day 123

 Christmas Eve! And here’s a photo dump 🥰

Some good news-even though it isn’t what we hoped for. Insurance has finally accepted an oxygen delivery service and found equipment! Unfortunately, because of Christmas, it will be the 28th when they can deliver it to our house. So we are here until then! The doctor has been fantastic and is still advocating for us to get out sooner-enlisting the higher ups at the hospital. Unfortunately we haven’t heard any word or they haven’t been able to pull strings. Kevin and I are going to make the best of the situation. Spending the night tonight all together as a family…probably ordering something fun to eat, like pizza (no salads or veggies tonight!)…and enjoying “free” cable with an unlimited movie channel (which we’ll switch to hallmark when Kevin falls asleep!). 

It’s crazy that I’m not more upset by having to stay an additional week for insurance reasons…but I’m really not. I am so beyond thankful that Olivia is healthy enough to have been ‘discharged’ a couple days ago. I do sometimes get overly concerned when she doesn’t eat particularly well-I think the continued monitoring is wearing on me…but we have been reassured every morning in rounds that Olivia is doing fine. Just a few more days!

Lastly, Merry early Christmas! Of the many things I’ve learned in the last four months it’s that you will have struggles in this life. In those times, you can and should respond by choosing joy. Why dwell on negative situations when we are able to find even slivers of reasons to be thankful. This year has not been at all what I expected or planned. We’ve dealt with family sicknesses and death, work stresses, financial stresses, a pandemic for crying out loud…and of course the NICU…the list could go on-as I’m sure it could for most people. BUT. God has taught me through it all -remain thankful. I think of the story of Jesus’ birth. So much of it was not as people had planned or expected. Jesus was supposed to be a mighty warrior come to save the nation-not a baby. Mary most likely didn’t expect to give birth in a manger. The shepards were hoping for a quiet night of sheep watching… Look what God does with unexpected and unplanned situations. 

This season of life has shown me a huge community I can lean on, the power of prayer, how precious life is, and how important family is…and I am thankful. Merry Christmas. 

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