8/26 NICU Day 3

 Today was officially discharge day for me. It was one of those emotional roller coaster days and in some ways made me feel very selfish. Although both Kevin and I were beyond thrilled to be out of the hospital (especially me being a terrible patient), it was the first time it hit me I wouldn't be bringing home my baby just yet. Lots of tears today...but as soon as I took the focus off myself I realized how much we have to be thankful for-

Olivia continues to show us that she is a little fighter and proves that God does work miracles every day. As of yesterday she is up 34 grams (I now have to start learning math and conversions), her bowels are beginning to work (as a nurse myself this is HUGE-we love poo), her lab levels seem to have stabilized (so no more photolight therapy), and her milk drip is being increased to 2ml every four hours. She is still stable on the CPAP machine and requiring the same O2 settings as yesterday. I can not begin to explain what it's like to be able to actually see more of her sweet little face. 

Prayer requests for today are that Olivia continues on this path of stability. The doctors continue to remind us that this is the honeymoon phase, that she will have "low" days, that she has a long journey ahead of her. And YES 100% we are happy with the blunt honesty because that keeps us humbly on our knees praising and thanking God that for now she is beating some big odds. Pray that she continues to remain stable and strong. Please pray for the staff, that they do not feel the staffing shortages and burnout that so many hospitals are facing now. And lastly please continue to pray for Kevin and I as we navigate through our new normal. 

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