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One Year with Olivia

The time escaped me, and once again I am posting late! August has been a season full of blessing and reflection for us. Last year I couldn't envision a life that is as full nor as beautiful as it is. I couldn't begin to imagine that Olivia would be a thriving one year old-but here we are, and I couldn't be more thankful!                                                  I know some people feel a party for a one year old is silly, they won't remember it unless you show them pictures and tell them. It really feels more like a party for the parents. I have no shame admitting that Olivia's party was a lot more for me than it was for her. Actually, she slept through most of it! But it felt so good to celebrate her. For myself and Kevin it was a way to remember how blessed we are and as a way to focus on all the positives, all the miracles, and all the goodness that came out of our scary situation last year.   We celebrated with a "One in a MELON" theme, and desp