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The start of Summer

It’s hard to believe summer is here and half the 2022 year is through. So far, this season has been a busy one for us!  The beginning of June started with Olivia’s first long distance car ride. We drove to Charlotte to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law. Olivia was on her best behavior-except stealing a few toys meant for her new cousin. We can’t wait to meet Penelope in August! Speaking of cousins, Olivia has been able to see her cousins more often now that summer has started.  We made it down to Topsail Beach for the Wood side of the family beach vacation (next month will be the McVerry side!).  Let me tell you, this little girl gets her love of the be ach honestly. She would have sat in the tide pools all day if we let her. Her and her cousin spent a lot of time bonding and even sharing the occasional handful of sand. It's so fun to watch her interact with her cousins. Kevin, Olivia, and I are so blessed to have our families close by.    Last month we celebrated Mother's