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2/27 6 months old. Happy half birthday!

I was working on reorganizing and reformatting the blog n ow that we are out of the NICU and not posting frequent updates . As I was doing so, I went back and read every single post-cringed at some of my grammatical mistakes, cried remembering certain moments, and was reminded again how incredibly blessed we are.  While formatting the blog and gearing up to write this month's updates, I happened across a picture from 9/10/21 of my brother meeting Olivia for the first time. She was 1 lb 10.4 oz, needed breathing support, feeding support, IV nutrition, and a whole team of NICU nurses and doctors. It just so happened that Uncle Jason came to visit this month on 2/10, exactly 5 months after this first picture was taken.  We made two visits to the specialty clinic this month. The first visit was nothing but positive news. Olivia's home oxygen was turned down from 0.3L to 0.2L. We were also able to decrease her formula calories and add breastmilk into her diet. She is growing perfect