8/28 NICU Day 5

 Oh sweet Olivia. I pray days like today come frequently over the next couple months. 

Today will be a much shorter post. Even in rounds this morning the doctor didn't have much to relay other than changing her fluids to compensate for her lab levels. She did have another minor set back in weight but the NP attributed it to another 'big' poop over night. (Again as a nurse I couldn't be more proud). As the nurse told us this evening, "Yeah Olivia was pretty boring today". A HUGE compliment and relief. 

Due to Olivia's rather boring day I was able to kangaroo hold her again today. Skin to skin contact all wrapped up in warm blankets to keep her toasty. Little girl lasted almost an hour and a half before her temperature started to dip and I had to place her back in the incubator. Honestly...I fell asleep in the recliner while holding her. For one I woke up panicked thinking how could I have been careless enough to fall asleep with this teeny tiny baby and all her wires and tubes connected. But then I realized I needed to allow myself some grace. I have been exhausted since...Monday last week. (Yes-I've been warned as a mother this will never change). The baby was completely safe. It was a sign that the two of us were comfortable enough to snooze and I believe a wonderful bonding experience. 

Before anyone is worried about dear old dad...he had his special moments with Olivia today as well. 

She had a good grip on Kevin's finger. Even as he tried to move it, he said should would tighten her grip. In the video you can see her little thumb working to hold him tight to her. She held onto his finger for 30 minutes without letting go or letting him let go. We were laughing at how she would grunt or open her eyes and pull him in when he tried to move or when his hand flinched. Can you believe that? Laughing? In the NICU? God is so good. I'm cherishing these moments because there will be difficult times ahead. Maybe not in the next few months...maybe we will be blessed with no set backs...or maybe it will come when she's first home and constantly crying...or maybe it'll come when she's a defiant toddler. I just know that remembering the good days and God's faithfulness will carry us through. 

A prayer I saw today that encouraged me. I want to again thank everyone for their prayers and for there sweet messages of encouragement. 

Lord thank you for the continued stability you have given Olivia. Thank you for the care givers that are working so hard to ensure out little girl is safely taken care of. Thank you for the technology that you grant us to help secure the lives of babies that are born prematurely. Thank you for giving Kevin and I strength and wonderful moments to remind us to not fear. We know that ultimately it is your mighty hand that will help our baby mature and be healthy. Uphold our baby with your righteous hand and fight on our behalf. Let your name be glorified through our baby girl. 

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