8/30 NICU Day 7

 One week old! There are still moments I am in complete disbelief. 
Miss Olivia continues to go on about her days without much care in the world as to what the doctors say. Today was the first day that our neonatal doctor actually didn't warn us about typical NICU babies and their course of treatment. Olivia has continued to essentially breath on her own requiring only the baby CPAP on minimal back up settings. Her episodes of apnea, or not breathing, and her episodes of bradycardia, slow heart rate, have decreased.
In other wonderful news, Olivia is up 50 grams from yesterday for a total of 655 grams. Still below her birth weight but we are headed in the right direction. Her milk drip was increased again today. So 5ML every 3 hours. I know that is such a small amount but if you saw how tiny her little belly is...I don't know where she is putting it all! We are so thankful that she has tolerated the increase in milk. She still has TPN, which is IV nutrition 'food', to help with her nutrition as well. Hopefully the combination of the two help to grow a plump and healthy baby :) 

Kevin and I spent a lot of time with Olivia today. She received a PICC line, which is a more permanent and safe type of IV line, to continue with her medications and 'food' delivery. Because I know what it's like to have an IV placed...and I have placed a few myself, I figured Olivia would need as much love and comfort from mom and dad as possible today. She appeared to really enjoy our presence but the nurses all say she does really well during all her care times even if we are not present. I can't help but cross my fingers and hope another nurse will be coming along in the family. Here is a picture of Kevin doing Olivia's mouth swab of milk (a special treat that doubles as mouth care for her). 

I did have a moment of breaking down this evening when we went to say goodnight to Olivia. I'm not sure if it's hormones, medical knowledge, or just doubts working their way in. But while Kevin and I sat and did our devotional while Olivia settled in for the night after care, I had a hard time not noticing her oxygen levels dipping. I just completely broke down. Kevin grabbed my hands and without having to ask just said "Nicole, we need to be thankful for all the wonderful moments we have had. As soon as we forget we take away all that God has done. Focus on what He has done and be thankful. Remember she is in His hands...and there is no better place for her to be". This is what I have always wanted in a marriage. This is what my parents example of marriage was to me. This is the example I want Olivia to have of a loving and supportive family. 

As we went to leave and say goodnight to Olivia I watched her breath easy and fall asleep comfortably. I remembered all the wonderful moments we have had and prayed for many many more. Good night sweet girl!

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