8/31 NICU Day 8

Officially one week without the breathing tube! 

Olivia had another steady day. She is up to 670 grams total. Still under her birth weight but again, we are heading in the right direction. Her oxygen demand has remained the same. All her lab work for today remained relatively the same meaning no phototherapy and no change in her IV hydration or IV TPN (aka food). Olivia has been tolerating her milk drip at a slow rate. The doctors actually increased her drip from 5Ml every three hours this morning to 7Ml every three hours when we went back to the hospital this evening. I am so proud of my baby! 

When we made it back to the hospital after a good family meal (thanks mom and dad!) Kevin and I were able to participate in her care. I have so enjoyed these little moments. Changing her diaper, fixing her swaddle, swabbing her mouth-it has really helped me to connect with her. Kevin has even joined in with her care…not yet changing a diaper but I’m working on him. I was able to hold Olivia for an hour and a half. The nurse wrapped us up in warm blankets and both of us fell asleep while dad read to us about car parts. 

Today has been just another day full of blessings that I have filed away in my heart and my memories. God has been so good to us.  

I was reminded by a good friend and coworker of mine today of the biblical story of Peter walking on water (Matthew 14: 28-31). When the storms roared and his faith began to sink…he cried out to Jesus, who had remained at Peter’s side. We should not fear. We should not lose faith. Jesus is ready and waiting to answer our cries for help. Please continue to pray for Olivia to have stable days like today. Pray that God continues to work miracles in her. Thank you all for helping remind us that we are not alone. 

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