8/24 NICU Day 1


Ps. 77:19 

Your path led through the sea, Your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen. 

Baby Olivia, officially one day old🎂! She has already made big waves. Although she is on a special breathing tube, called an endotracheal tube, she is on room air. Not requiring supplemental oxygen. The doctors have been so impressed there is already talk that this tube may be removed as early as tomorrow. As expected with preemies, her lab work is in need of adjustment through different therapies. One of these therapies is called phototherapy. She has a little blue light, that looks like a tanning bed, over her incubator. Her fluids she is receiving for nutrition have also been adjusted based on her levels from this morning. In order to assist her tummy and overall health, the nutritionist and neonatal doctors want Olivia to start receiving "drip milk". Through a tiny tube that goes from her mouth to her stomach the nurses are able to drip in breastmilk that will help her to continue to grow and become strong. 

On a not as medical note, Kevin and I have been able to participate in her care with the nurses. One of the tasks we are able to do is mouth care. We use a little swab that has colostrum, or breast milk on it and rub the inside of her cheeks and tongue. This is by far Olivia and my favorite part of the day. I love watching her tongue and her mouth start moving around, almost like she's smiling. Kevin has been Olivia's favorite "hand hugger". Because of Olivia's delicate skin we were taught by the nurse's about "hand hugging". We very gently place our hands around her. It is to help calm her but whenever Kevin is hand hugging her, she starts to go wild! She does everything she can to become unswaddled and reach for his finger. She is definitely already a daddy's girl. 

Continuing to pray for Olivia and her little body. We are praying for her lungs and her oxygen levels. We know that God is in control and that although we may not see what He is planning, we are praying that we remember to trust Him. Kevin and I have had some emotional moments today. Selfishly we are praying for more peace and comfort so we can be strong for baby. 

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