8/25 NICU Day 2

 Today was a big day for baby girl!

Olivia's endotracheal tube was removed at 10:15 and she has remained on a baby CPAP machine since. A CPAP helps to push air into the lungs and deliver a more complete breath. Due to the fact the CPAP does not go down baby's throat she is requiring some extra oxygen. This is normal according to the NICU doctors. I think this little bit of freedom has inspired Olivia. The nurses say that she has been using her tongue a lot and trying to "push" the feeding tube out of her mouth. The nurse today says this is a great sign that baby is hungry and already knows how to ask for food. The picture below is one where she was pushing the tube to the side, stretching out her mouth. It was making both Kevin and I giggle a little. Seems to already have a funny little personality. This is also another sign Olivia is a spicy little girl, trying to push her boundaries as much as possible! 

One down today was Olivia's weight. She is down 17% from birth. The neonatal doctor is not overly concerned and says this it is not unusual for babies to lose weight initially. On a high we have been able to continue to help and have been encouraged to help with baby's care. She still loves her mouth swabs and it is a special moment between her and I. Kevin still is probably her favorite and she loves when he starts talking to her. Her eyes, though still fused shut, are trying to open when she hears his voice. Another high today was being able to hold her for the first time since her quick birth. While the nurse changed linens this morning she allowed me to hold Olivia. Although I wasn't able to hold her and snuggle her to me...and it was holding her through the incubator just ever so gently, my heart exploded. I need to cherish and focus on this moment in days to come...as there are a great many days ahead of us on this journey. 

Pray requests for today seem similar and same as before. We are praying for Olivia's continued health. At this point I don't even know specifically what to pray for, just that she continues to exceed expectations that the doctors have set. Kevin and I still continue to request pray for peace and comfort. This long journey has just begun and there are moments we have both felt so overwhelmed, jealous, angry, sad...but we have also felt God's presence. We continue to pray for God's wisdom in the guidance of the plan of care and treatment set by the NICU team. We also pray for all of our friends, family, their friends and family, all the community of people who are praying and sending words of encouragement-may God bless you all and just know that God is answering our prayers. I'm posting just one encouraging message from a close friend-who didn't even intend the message for me but God knew I needed to see it. Thank you Emily :) 

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