9/13 NICU Day 21

 I can’t believe you are three weeks old today! It’s incredible to imagine everything that has taken place in less than a month. 

Little Olivia made some more strides today. She’s slowly increasing in weight…now 803 grams or about 1 lb 12 ounces. She is continuing with feeds at goal for her weight! 

No events in a little over 24 hours so the settings on her bubble CPAP were weaned down. According to the doctor the CPAP will stay in place for about the next five weeks. I can’t say that hearing five weeks didn’t immediately send me into a tail spin…but Kevin reminded me that for one, it’s five weeks out of the three months they told us to expect she would be admitted…and two, she still needs the support but she’s doing well enough to be on MINIMAL support. I think she’s been doing so well I forget she is doing so much more than what she would be expected to be doing at 27 1/2 weeks if I were still pregnant. 

Olivia is also being weaned down on her hydrocortisone (due to the adrenal insufficiency scare). So far her urine output has been good and no issues with blood pressure. Praising God everything is going so well! 

Oh!! And I can’t forget to mention. Olivia had her first OT (occupational therapy) session today. Kevin was at the hospital while I was at a doctor appointment, so relayed all the fun stuff he got to do with Olivia-mostly which involves small exercises that allow her to practice stretching, flexion, and extension…

I still went and read the chart notes…to be sure he was telling accurate information. The OT note made mention of how well Olivia “enjoyed holding dads fingers which seems to effectively destress Olivia during care times”…needless to say Kevin is over the moon and loves to lovingly rub this in my face! Olivia has, since day one, been a daddy’s girl. No arguing that!

So proud of her! I’m so thankful for the doctors, therapies (respiratory, OT) and nurses who are patiently, skillfully, and lovingly taking care of our sweet little one. 

We’ve been going through a devotional focused on psalms. So many times I’ve felt like David…lamenting & crying out for help, but also praising & worshiping God. We keep learning how we need to remember to praise Him not only when it’s easy, but when it’s difficult and we are no longer on the mountain tops but rather in deep valleys. These last few days have been moments for me to reflect on and remember just how great He is. And I’m sure I’ll have to pull these reminders out in the future, especially for difficult days. For now though I am just so thankful for great news and continued stability and health for our baby!  

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