9/17 NICU Day 25

We’ve hit the 28 week mark! Time has flown by. 

Olivia is doing really well post blood transfusion. Her heart rate is much better, her color looks better, and her oxygen levels have improved. She has only had one apnea event/episode...otherwise has had an uneventful day. 

With her blood transfusion her weight increased quite a bit. This is mostly due to extra fluid. The doctors gave a dose of lasix (which is a medicine that basically makes you pee out all the extra fluid) so tomorrow we will see what her accurate weight is. 

I was able to get off work early and got to spend a lot time with Olivia today. I really enjoyed being able to snuggle her for so long. The nurses say that she has been doing really well and attribute some of that to how often Kevin and I have been in to see her, talk to her, and hold her. In a time when I feel as parents we can’t do much…it feels really incredible that the small amount we have been able to do is making a big impact. 

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