9/20 NICU Day 28

 Today was a good way to start the week. Olivia and I got to snuggle for almost two hours without any events. She has had a few events (drops in her oxygen saturation and heart rate) through the day, but we feel reassured from the doctor this morning that this is very typical of premature babies. Olivia has been doing exceptionally well for the last couple weeks-exceeding expectations. The last few days she has exhibited typical behaviors of a premature baby of her gestational age. Although we are reassured, of course we would rather her continue to be exceptional. But we have expected a lot of her and her little body…all that she would not be doing had she not been born 4 weeks ago! 

The doctors did get a chest X-ray today that showed no difference from last week. Her belly still has lots of air (they call it a CPAP belly) and takes up space that cause her lungs to not expand as easily. Even with the extra air, the doctors went up on her CPAP setting since she has required a smidge more oxygen then normal. Again, another tweak were the doctors have to weigh the risks and benefits. Tomorrow may be different…it’s a fine balance we are told, but it’s normal to have all these fine little changes. We are hoping that maybe this is just the tweaks that she needs so that she can continue to grow and develop her lungs and strength…she does continue to go up in weight-she is now 1 lb 15.2 oz. SO CLOSE to two pounds! 

We may not have days free from events for a while during all these tweaks in her plan of care. But she is clinically stable according to the doctors. We are thankful that everyone still considers her to be doing really well. Kevin and I are having an easier time trusting the doctors after all our conversations. Of course being able to snuggle with Olivia today and have her be so comfortable helped as well. :) 

We are praying for continued good health and strength in Olivia. Wisdom for the doctors as they continue to tweak and perfect a good plan to help her continue to grow and remain stable.  

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