9/21 NICU Day 29

Olivia continues to be stable on her new CPAP and oxygen settings. She has required more oxygen with her new settings. But as discussed with the doctors yesterday, this could be attributed to her belly pushing on her lungs. Her events have decreased from this weekend so the changes in her settings have definitely helped.

The doctors today decided to go ahead and get an ECHO of Olivia’s heart (ultrasound of her heart) to evaluate her murmur. According to the results she does have a small hole (PDA) but it is very common. Typically these close on their own in full term babies by a week or so of birth. So they will continue to just monitor the murmur. Her heart function and valves are otherwise functioning perfectly which is wonderful news.

Kevin participated in Olivia’s cares today twice and we were able to kangaroo care (or I just say snuggle) with her for two hours each. Olivia did wonderful and really seemed to enjoy it. I feel like she’s starting to get more expressive…even with her mask on.

We are continuing to pray for stability in our sweet girl and that she grows stronger and stronger every day. Praying God continues to work miracles for our baby and also praying for patience when He doesn’t work as fast as I want. Remembering it is His plan and time and not mine.

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