9/28 NICU Day 36

 Olivia had a fairly good report today. The change in caffeine dose and frequency seems to be helping keep her heart rate steady as well as decreasing the frequency of events. In the last 24 hours she may have had 3 events total. Huge improvement! 

She is still growing but her growth has slowed down significantly. Several days ago she was jumping up by 20 or so odd grams. The last two days she only increased about 10 grams total. Still growing which is great but the doctors are trying to maximize her feeds and calories to get her back on track. Hopefully with some adjustments she will start gaining weight again quickly. She’s still doing well though, so I’m trying to take every small win I can-especially during this wait and watch period.

We received a most appropriate new gift for Olivia today from her cousins…I have already read it and to be honest can’t wait to read it to Olivia tomorrow. It’s such a cute book. I can’t wait to see if this little Olivia pig in the book is going to be anything like my little Olivia! 

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