9/29 NICU Day 37

 Today is a fairly short post…hopefully the next week will be short posts as we continue through this wait and watch period. 

Olivia has had fewer events which is a huge praise. However, she did not spend as much of the day on room air as the last few days, requiring between 23-25% FiO2. She has grown in weight which is wonderful. Although her weight has improved her growth velocity is slowed. The doctor is adjusting her sodium chloride supplement and continuing to adjust her feed volume based on her weight to hopefully help with this. 

Kevin and I both were able to hold Olivia today during our “shifts”. With both of us back at work we are still trying to cram in as much time as we can with Olivia-even if it means we go separately. It is nice, though, to have her all to myself in the mornings-so I don’t mind too much :) 

Just continue to keep us in your prayers and in your thoughts. It’s an exhausting season of life right now even when Olivia is having good days. 

Colossians 1:9-12

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