9/3 NICU Day 11

Today was a big day for Kevin! Olivia and dad were able to snuggle for almost two hours. Can’t say I’m a tad jealous that she did better with her dad than she does with me. However, we’ve known since day one…she’s a daddy’s girl!! 

Olivia had another strong day today. Her X-ray of her belly and intestines came back normal meaning she is able to start “eating”. Because of yesterday’s tummy troubles, her milk drip was restarted at a very slow rate. She tolerated the drip without any difficulties all day! She has also been able to be weaned down on the cpap settings. During rounds, the doctor mentioned next week trying her on a “bubble” cpap. This would be another step toward having all the oxygen and back up oxygen removed! To be honest, all the respiratory stuff is somewhat confusing to me, even having medical knowledge. Just knowing she is going in the right direction and continuing to breathe well is more then I can ask for!

Sweet girl was very fussy when we were leaving this evening from the hospital. It made Kevin and I feel uneasy. For me, I think it was the first time I felt helpless as a parent. To not know what was wrong or what to do to help or fix it…other than hand hugging her and talking, I felt completely helpless! I called my mom on the way home to talk about my feelings and worries and in true mom fashion, after we hung up, I felt much better and relieved. I pray for the ability to be as wonderful a mother to Olivia as my mom continues to be to me.  

My mom sent this verse to pray over for this evening…(Philippians 4: 4-8) but I feel it is appropriate any day as well. What was really special to me was this is a picture from my grandma’s Bible, who just passed away in June. She was so strong and unwavering in her faith. When she passed away she didn’t have any fear and was completely at peace. In her lifetime she touched many lives stretching all the way across America and to Africa, specifically to Ghana and Bolivia just to name a few places. Even after her passing away she is still touching so many lives. When most people would have felt fear, anxiety, and doubt, her ability to be so at peace and find so much comfort is a testament to her relationship with God. 

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