9/5 NICU Day 13

After yesterday, I am pleased to report a big fat boring day for Olivia! If it were up to me, and I know it isn't, I would just have boring days for the rest of our NICU stay and be perfectly happy. 

Our little nugget is back up to 690 grams today. I forgot to mention her weight in the last few posts. It has gone up and down the last two days, but seems to be going up again. After all the excitement yesterday...and the tummy troubles two days ago she is starting again on a slow milk drip (I know people asked me-and she has remained on IV nutrition throughout her NICU admission. The milk is in addition). We are really hoping that her little tummy can handle the milk and that between the two types of nutrition she starts to pack on the pounds. 

During rounds, the doctor was again very surprised with how well Olivia is doing, saying her response to the medicines was pretty incredible. Because of Olivia's quick turn around the doctor feels confident it was adrenal insufficiency and that being caught early will really help in her recovery. She will continue on a steroid medication (hydrocortisone) but will be able to be weaned over the next week. Her urine output continues to be adequate and her blood pressure has stabilized, both of which are unchanged from yesterday after just a couple hours on her brief medication regiment. The doctor said several times during rounds and then to Kevin and I how impressed she is with Olivia. I also can't help but be impressed :) 

Here is a picture Kevin begrudgingly let me post from today. He got to hold Olivia again today and of course, baby girl did amazing. 99% oxygen on room air! Kevin decided shaving beforehand would be a bad idea until Olivia started grabbing his chest hair. I think as she gets stronger dad is going to have to rethink his man-scaping. 

I never feel like I thank everyone enough for all the prayers, cards, texts, emails, gift cards, drawings, and meals...We have both felt the outpouring of love and support from family, neighbors, strangers, coworkers, and friends. I have seen prayers be answered. I have felt prayers be answered. I have cried, smiled, felt encouraged and laughed through cards, texts, and emails. Kevin and I have felt relief from minor annoyances, like making dinner, because of people who have cooked, dropped off baked goods, and sent gift cards. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH. I thank God every single day for the community of people that He has surrounded us with. We are so grateful. We have so much to be thankful for. 

We give God all the praise! We are able to praise Him through these uncertain and sometimes dark times, not because the hard times are enjoyable, but because we know He has a plan, He is with us even in these times, and He will be faithful and good just as He always has. It will and has been hard to remember these truths. It's been hard to first go to praise. It has been my prayer to be able to reach for Him first before doubt. I'm continuing to pray for Olivia and her health, stability, development, and growth. And I praise God for all that He has done and is doing and will do in her life, in my life, in Kevin's life, and in the lives of all those around us. 

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