9/6 NICU Day 14

I can not believe it has been two weeks since little Olivia graced us with her presence. 

I am very happy to report yet another boring day. Her weight remained the same at 690 grams. Her milk drip was increased to 6ML every four hours which she tolerated throughout the day without any problems. We are all really hoping she starts to gain some weight soon! 

Labs that have come back from all the excitement two days ago have not showed any indication for infection! So Olivia's preventative antibiotics were stopped today. As I mentioned yesterday, she will continue the steroid medication for the adrenal insufficiency issue but has already started to wean down from the large dose. 

I don't have a picture, but I did get to hold her for about two hours today. I can't explain just how good it feels to snuggle that sweet little nugget! She did really well the entire time and we both actually fell asleep-this time because we were tired, not because Kevin was reading about car parts. 

I know I am getting ahead of myself, but tomorrow is a big day for both Olivia and myself. I go back to work tomorrow and Olivia will be changed over to a bubble CPAP. For Olivia this means she will be breathing on her own without any assistance. If she needs, she can still receive doses of oxygen. She has been breathing essentially on her own only needing 'reminders' to breath sporadically. She has also bounced between room air (what you and I breath) and a small amount of oxygen. Because of this, the doctors want to see how she will do completely on her own, and how her body will respond in reminding her to breath. It is possible she will switch back to the machine she is on now if she can't tolerate this new CPAP setting. Again, respiratory stuff is complicated...so my apologies if this just sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook. (yes I just typed that and no I won't delete it...I think most people will agree that is the most accurate description). Basically this is a GOOD thing. 

As for me going to work...I guess I can say the same...this is a GOOD thing. It will be so nice to be back with coworkers and friends (they are second family to me and I appreciate all of them). And the distraction will be much appreciated and a good thing for my mental health. But it is still hard to think of spending less time with Olivia as I get into a regular routine. The only thing I can compare it to is when we were discharged from the hospital. A good thing but with mixed emotions as I left my baby there. Overall I feel very calm and at peace. I know that Olivia is in good hands. 

Prayers today for continued stability. I am always praying for this as well as for her continued growth, health, and development. There are so many other tests coming up...and weeks/months of unknowns. Sometimes I don't know what specifically to pray for! But I know that God has already worked miracles and that she is in His more than capable hands. There is a song that has been playing a lot on the radio, especially on our drives either to or from the hospital. It's called 'Believe for it' and is sung by CeCe Winans. The lyrics have spoken to me over and over again. I won't post the entire song but just these lines as a prayer; 

"Move the immovable, break the unbreakable....from the impossible, we'll see a miracle. God we believe for it. You are the way when there seems to be no way. We trust in You, God You have the final say".

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