9/8 NICU Day 16

 Oh Olivia! You are so loved! 

Another short post today :) Olivia has been doing wonderful on her bubble CPAP. She has remained on room air (or in other words 21% FiO2) or has required minimal oxygen (23% FiO2). Her weight has increased to 720 grams or 1 lb 9.4 ounces roughly. She is SO close to her birth weight! Her milk drip was increased today and according to Kevin she did great with the increase (He got to snuggle her this afternoon while I was at work-lucky dad!). 

I’ve been so thankful for my work family and all their support. They have made the transition back so much easier. So many people have asked about Olivia and shared encouraging words. She has no idea how much love is surrounding her! As for Kevin and I we feel it and couldn’t be more thankful. In talking about the last two and a half weeks, it hits me just how insane, scary, and overall emotional it all sounds. And yet…I have never felt more calm and peaceful in my life. I’m usually so anxious and worry over every thing. I, again, just thank everyone for their prayers, thoughtful gestures, and kind words of encouragement. It has all helped to keep my spirit still and at peace-which has leant to quick healing and aids how I can care for Olivia and Kevin. 

Just continuing to pray that Olivia remains stable. Praising God for all that He has done. He has enabled us (the doctors, nurses, therapists, etc) with so much medical knowledge, but I know He has provided miracles as well. I’m continuing to pray that days like this are at the forefront of our minds so we remember to thank God continuously as He works His good and perfect plan-and that even when His plan isn’t MY plan that I can remember to still be thankful. 

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