9/9 NICU Day 17

Another short post today! I almost didn’t make a post today because of the lack of updates…but two reasons I’m posting anyway:

 For one, it may be tiring reading the same short posts for anyone keeping updated, but for me, I know there will be times I need to remember and be thankful for these uneventful & steady days. Second, Kevin did take pictures when he was visiting while I was at work and I had to share! 

So updates first…Olivia is (slightly) past her birth weight! 745 grams or 1 lb 10.2 ounces! All bundled up she looks like the cutest little potato…I can’t wait until she has those chunky baby cheeks, arms, and legs! 

Olivia has also continued to do well on her bubble CPAP. She does have dips in her oxygen saturation, requiring an increase of oxygen after she has her feeds (milk drips). According to the doctor this is normal and they are not overly concerned. She will increase to her full feeds in two days as long as she continues to tolerate her new regiment. Full feeds for her still sound incredibly small, but she’s barely 27 weeks old…(27 weeks tomorrow!) can’t demand too much from her. 

Due to me working, Kevin made it up to see Olivia in the afternoon for care time and holding. He’s really enjoyed being able to have father-daughter time. He did forget the books that Olivia’s cousins sent…so I think poor Olivia got more lessons in car parts. I’ll make sure to pack the books for tomorrow! 

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