9/7 NICU Day 15

So thankful that today is a short post!! 

Olivia was placed on her bubble CPAP this morning right before I left the hospital for work. She was tolerating it so well! The nurse promised to send me updates-knowing I was anxious to leave her after a big change. 

I got my first update about 2pm saying Olivia had been breathing not only on her own (with the CPAP supporting her lungs opening more fully) but also on room air. The bubbles are much more gentle on these little babies, according to the nurse. The fact she is tolerating it not only helps aid in the process of eventually weaning all the breathing apparatuses BUT makes for a more comfy baby. 

Another praise is that Olivia is now 710 grams…or about 1 lb 9 oz (according to Google conversion I can’t do math-sorry!! to my math teacher mother). That is almost her birth weight! 

I actually got off work early today and was able to meet Kevin back at the hospital to visit with Olivia. When I got to the NICU I saw Kevin was holding our sweet baby. I love moments like this…being able to watch the two of them together is so precious. She was snuggled up and resting peacefully. Her CPAP was still on room air and her oxygen saturation level on the monitor was holding steady (between 94-97%!). I can not be happier. Today was such a great day. Obviously with Olivia doing so well, but also at work, everyone was so kind and so thoughtful. I just feel incredibly blessed. Even with this situation I have so much to be thankful for. 

(I feel like this picture looks like Olivia is just thinking of something witty or intellectual to say…it’s from the nurse today…just makes me smile) 

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