9/24 NICU Day 32

29 weeks (corrected age) and Olivia has gained more weight today! She’s up to 2 lbs 3 oz. AND it’s accurate considering she had a huge blow out right before she was weighed. Instead of Kevin…this time I got conned into changing the diaper. Although she’s small it is still a feat to put a diaper on a squirmy baby. 

 Olivia’s apnea, Brady, and desat events/episodes continued today and have been since last night. The night shift team decided to restart her caffeine so she is back on that twice a day. She has still been able to mostly stay on room air which is impressive. With restarting her caffeine the team will have to continue to watch her heart rate. For now though, the risks vs benefit are that the caffeine will help to lower the amount of apnea events. 

So overall no big changes in medicines or care-really happy that the doctor still calls her a “stable” baby during rounds. Also happy that I was able to kangaroo with her for a total of 4 hours today. It was so hard to leave the hospital! I think she’s already nailing the puppy dog eyes. 

Continuing to pray for Olivia’s health, growth, and strength. Praying that the balance of medications and oxygen equipment will help her have less of these episodes. We are working on remembering to leave our cares and worry and doubt and trust God. Some days it’s easier then others. But we are thankful for today and all His given us-He has worked clear miracles and we believe He will continue to do so. 

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