9/27 NICU Day 35

 Today was a really decent day at the hospital. No changes for Olivia other then increasing her milk drip to 7ml an hour. The feeds increase based on her weight so it still seems like such a small amount. BUT she is up to 2 lbs 5 oz! She definitely looks bigger-even though we see her every day. I have started to notice especially in her face (specifically her cheeks). 

I had such a great time snuggling and reading to Olivia today (and chatting with the nurse) that before I knew it I had spent almost 6 hours at the hospital. It felt really good to feel like I finally had a day to just relax and take all the time I wanted with her- & her without having hardly any episodes! 

We are kind of in this wait and watch time period again. The next big milestone being around 32 weeks when hopefully she is able to trial no CPAP and when she has her first eye exam. So until then we will continue to take each day as it comes…remembering to focus on the positives. Oh and of course spoiling Olivia any time we can. Like today-spending almost the whole day with her and then getting to come back and spend family time together. To top off the day one of our favorite primary nurses was on for the night shift :)

We continue to pray even through these times of calm where seemingly nothing is happening. Continuing to pray for her growth and development especially as we approach more milestone marks. We thank God she’s remained stable and that even with episodes, she is able to recover quickly and not require much change to her current treatment (as far as oxygen and breathing tubes). Praise God for the nurses and doctors he has placed in Olivia’s corner. He has equipped them with knowledge and gentle spirits and we are so thankful for all they have done. Also thanking God for all the continued support from friends and family. 

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