10/10 NICU Day 48

 Other than being hangry (that’s angry because you’re hungry) Olivia has done really well! 

Here she is trying to suck on her fingers :) 

The X-rays from today show whatever may have been an infection is resolving. To continue to be safe Olivia’s feeds are on hold until Wednesday. She is getting IV  nutrition, but did lose some weight having not been fed since Friday. So she still hasn’t reached 3 lbs yet but we know she will get there soon!  

Olivia hasn’t had any events/episodes since FRIDAY! I know some of that (probably all of it) is due to not being fed. But this has been amazing. She has been on room air on her bubble CPAP and tolerating hours of kangaroo time. Hopefully when she does restart her tube feedings on Wednesday she has grown a bit more so that she will continue to have no or very limited events.

We are continuing to pray that whatever is left of the infection (the doctors still weren’t 100% convinced but whatever it may have been) is completely resolved. Praying that Olivia’s health remains stable and that she grows strong and healthy. We are also continuing to pray for the PDA-the hole in her heart-that it will close on its own. 

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