10/11 NICU Day 49

So far, there have been no signs of infection for Olivia! If she continues as she has her feeds will be restarted Wednesday. It’s such a blessing. The doctor that was on today shares my confusion as to what was really going on. He, like the weekend doctor, isn’t completely convinced it was pnematosis. He says she would have been much sicker…or sick..if it was. So maybe they caught it early on accident and stopping the feeds resolved everything? Or maybe it wasn’t an infection and just poop? Either way I’m so thankful for the quick thinking on the medical team’s part and thankful for all the prayers! 

The doctor did put an order in for another ECHO of Olivia’s heart today. Sometimes the PDAs (hole in the heart) can cause a lot of issues for preemie babies. One issue that PDA’s are linked to is pnematosis. I’m not sure the direct link. Anyway, the ECHO today did show that the PDA is even larger then the last ECHO from about a week ago. It breaks my heart. She isn’t having any obvious complications. And no diastolic flow reversal into the aorta, which is a concern they watch for. I believe, among other heart and blood flow issues, this would cause blood flow issues which increases the risk for pnematosis. 

I’m not sure what the options are right now to be honest. It sounds like it is still a watch and wait period…like everything in the NICU (super hard to do-I’ve realized I am not as patient as I thought). There are some medicine options before they would jump to surgery if she starts having complications. I’m trying to not get ahead of myself. Kevin and I are trying to take it one day at a time. It definitely feels like we barely jump a hurdle only to stumble on the next one all while being chased down a highway. I just came up with that analogy and I can’t think of a more perfect example of how I have felt on and off the last almost two months. 

So lots of things coming up for Olivia. Also her first eye exam is Wednesday. We’ve just been cherishing all the moments and trying to focus on the good things. And of course praying constantly. Definitely looking forward to a long day of snuggling tomorrow! 

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