10/13 NICU Day 51

 Sweet girl did so good today I am really proud of her. She had her first eye exam today which has come back normal for her age. Olivia has continued to remain on bubble CPAP on room air and not having events. Her feeds were restarted (which she was happy about) and so far no spit up or reflux! The doctors are considering down grading her to a special nasal cannula tomorrow called a RAM cannula. I’ll figure out tomorrow exactly what that means…besides being able to see more of her sweet face :) 

Most exciting news of the day was that her murmur is already harder to hear. Where as before her murmur was able to be heard over the bubbling of her bubble CPAP and sounded like a washing machine, it’s much quieter and the bubble CPAP has to be silenced to hear it. The doctor was amazed and made the comment “wow okay one dose of Tylenol and already a change.” Obviously we won’t know until Monday via ECHO how much the diameter of the hole has changed, but, this is a promising assessment so far. I pointed out to the doctor this isn’t the first time she’s been diagnosed or had an issue that resolved quicker then expected. He must have drawn the same conclusion because he agreed and referenced her adrenal insufficiency and low blood pressure moment much earlier in her NICU stay. 

She certainly is a miracle baby. Even though she is on the waitlist for Duke, we are continuing to pray for her heart that the medicine works and closes the hole so that no further intervention is needed. Olivia is definitely a strong little girl. She’s going to be a handful in the years to come. 

Continuing to pray for Olivia’s health-specifically her heart that her PDA will close and for her lungs while she be able to support herself completely. I’m also praying that God will continue to amaze the medical team through her progress. 

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