10/14 NICU Day 52

So many changes today! Olivia was switched to a RAM cannula. It’s a nasal cannula that still has some CPAP settings. She has still been on 21% FiO2 (room air) and just gets a little extra support to help open her lungs. She definitely seems happier without the big bulky CPAP!
Olivia’s feeds have continued without any issues, like high residuals or spitting up. She has not had any events either. They are still slowly increasing the amount of milk and adding calories. Also, she’s officially broken the 3 lbs barrier! I was told today if she continues doing well, in the next week or two, we will move to bottle/breast feeding. 
Lastly Olivia’s heart murmur continues to be more difficult to hear. I am so thankful. We will see on Monday during the ECHO how much her PDA has changed. 
We had some of our favorite nurses today so it was very fun sharing in all the good news with them. Day shift was the one who put Olivia in her huge bow hat. Night shift put her in an outfit. Both had a lot of fun giving Olivia her first photo shoot! 

We are so thankful for good days like today and all the good news and assessments. I continue to pray for Olivia’s health-specifically her lungs while she is working more on her own, and for her heart that the hole will close without further intervention. God is holding on to and watching over her :) 

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