10/15 NICU Day 53

32 weeks! Getting closer and closer to her due date which means closer and closer to Olivia coming home! They say her due date is an estimate for her discharge date. Being that she was born at 24 weeks…we are halfway there today. 

Olivia had a good report today. No changes other than increasing her feeds to full feed. Her murmur is still difficult to hear which is just amazing. No events. Hasn’t required an increase in FiO2. I can’t contain my joy and thankfulness. I sat with her basically the whole day today. She has really enjoyed snuggling without the bulky CPAP (and without the bulky bow!)

It’ll be fun when I can bring in some of her bows from home. And I do love being able to see her face. She’s very expressive. 

It’s been easy to be thankful during this time and easy to forget we still need to lean on God. We continue to pray for Olivia’s health but specifically her heart and lungs. Praying that she tolerates her feeds and grows. Thanking God that we can snuggling her and that it feels more natural with less equipment. We love her so much! I know God has big plans for her and her testimony. 

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