10/16 NICU Day 54

 Super short post! Yay! Another good day for Olivia. No changes. She’s doing really well with her feeds, well with the RAM cannula, no events, and her murmur is still very quiet. The nurse today said she has been very alert. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to miss out on anything. The longest she actually slept was while I held her this afternoon. She has another eye exam on Monday so I am hoping her eyes continue to develop appropriately so she can visually take in everything around her. 

We are happy with a nice boring weekend because Monday will be busy! Besides her eye exam, we will also find out how her PDA has progressed. Hopefully it has closed or at least is significantly smaller and won’t require surgery. 

Continuing to pray for a nice boring weekend. Praying that Olivia stays stable and that she grows healthy and strong. We are so thankful for how well she has done :) 

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