10/17 NICU Day 55

Well…most of my post from yesterday apparently was wrong. I was mistaken and misunderstood. Olivia has her eye exam 10/20 so on Wednesday. Her ECHO will be Tuesday. I think some of that is not knowing what date or day it is! They all just run together right now.

So today Olivia did well. She did lose weight and was slow to gain weight the last few days. Some of that may have been because she wasn’t being fed last week and just reached full feeds yesterday. Tomorrow nutrition will be involved in rounds so that the team can work on a plan to help get her growth velocity back on track. 

There was a moment I was worried while holding her. Her oxygen saturation kept dropping. I couldn’t help it I just started to cry. I was so frustrated after her having such a good last few days. I don’t want any set backs. Fortunately the nurse noticed after several dips, that it was the oxygen probe acting up. Once changed everything was back to normal. I felt relieved but also felt dramatic. I think that sometimes I don’t realize I’m holding my breath waiting on the next bad day…I need to just really relax and enjoy every moment and celebrate the wins. 

Celebrating her wins…Her murmur is still much quieter and her breathing is wonderful. She’s tolerating long kangaroo times and is proving to be a very happy baby. 

I’m reminded every day that I need to remain in constant prayer. Not just for requests but for praises and thanksgiving. Although we are still praying that Olivia will avoid heart surgery and her PDA will close, and that her lungs will develop past the need for oxygen or CPAP, and that she grows strong and healthy…we are also thanking God for our sweet miracle. We are thankful for the nurses and doctors who are taking such great care of her. And also thankful for everyone who keeps us in their prayers and thoughts. 

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