10/18 NICU Day 56

 The doctor rounded very early this morning and I missed rounds. So I was shocked when this is what I walked into this morning…

Notice no breathing tubes, nasal cannula, or CPAP?! I could not believe it. 

During rounds the doctor decided that we should do a room air trial with Olivia. The NP and nurse explained to me at bedside that this was a good time to trial since she hasn’t had events and has not required oxygen for quite some time. They warned me that sometimes a trial fails and that babies may need to go back on the RAM cannula, CPAP, or may need to go on a regular nasal cannula for some additional help. So far Olivia has been off of everything since 1130am (it’s now 830pm) and she has done kangarooing and care times not requiring oxygen and has not had any events. 

The doctor also decided that since her murmur is so much quieter they will hold off on an ECHO. He came and spoke with me and after discussing I agreed. It made sense to not do the ECHO because if she has symptoms they would do an ECHO at that point. If the ECHO had showed no change, she wouldn’t have surgery unless she was symptomatic…which again…they would redo an ECHO at that point anyway. We both felt that since her murmur is very quiet and she is asymptotic, rechecking before discharge or if she shows symptoms made the most sense. Why put her through unnecessary tests. 

Olivia also had her feeding tube moved to nasal gastric (NG). This is great news because now she will be able to transition to getting milk orally. Not sure when that will start-she still has to work on sucking. But I am so excited for her progress. 

Just sharing a couple photos from today with everything removed before the NG tube was placed. I absolutely love being able to see her face :) 

My heart is overjoyed. I was praying on my way in to the hospital that God would continue to work especially on her lungs so that she would be off oxygen and CPAP eventually. I was blown away how quickly He answered my prayers. I know that He hears me and that it is all in His timing-even though it is hard to not become inpatient. I’m continuing to pray for Olivia-her growth, her heart, her lungs, and her overall health. I’m also praying that Kevin and I continue to be patient and have peace during this time-to continue to lean on God. It’s still a long journey ahead in the NICU, but I don’t want us to lose sight of who has been with us from day one. 

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