10/19 NICU Day 57

 Minor set back today. Early this morning Olivia became tachypneic (she was breathing very quickly) and required a nasal cannula with 2L oxygen. I was warned yesterday that sometimes babies don’t tolerate their first room air challenge so even though I am sad, it wasn’t a huge shock. The doctor today during rounds reassured that he wasn’t concerned, that this is normal, and that it was great Olivia lasted as long as she did breathing completely on her own. She’s still considered on the early side for doing room air trials (I suppose it’s usually closer to 34 weeks). Hopefully slowly weaning the oxygen demand through the week and trying again this weekend. 

Olivia did gain weight which is wonderful. She’s up to 3 lbs 5 ounces! Little nugget is also tolerating her feedings. She is starting ‘cues’ that she may be ready for food by mouth so hopefully we will get to start working on that soon. Then maybe she will stop trying to eat her fingers!!

She also got a great report from OT (occupational therapy). They say she is showing huge strides for her age-for example using her abdominal muscles to pull her legs toward her chest. I guess usually term babies have had practice with this in the womb where as preemies have not. So the muscle memory isn’t there and has to be learned. 

Tomorrow Olivia has her first follow up eye exam. She is still so alert…always looking around taking in her surroundings. I’m hoping her exam continues to be a good report! 

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