10/2 NICU Day 40


I know!! I missed a post yesterday. I think between getting my flu shot, working, and then spending almost 6 hours with Olivia…I was just so exhausted. 
Olivia has jumped up in weight to 2lbs 8 oz. I am so glad! She does continue to have events both yesterday and today. She has had a decrease in events today though, which again, I’m so thrilled. Both today and yesterday I held Olivia for almost four hours (in one sitting!). She was able to tolerate the time out of her incubator without issues. I downloaded a virtual library so we spent a lot of time reading. I’ve upgraded her to some of my favorites when I was younger, including The Bailey School Kids and The Babysitters Club books. It’s been fun being able to spend so much time snuggling…even if it wears me out. Go figure snuggling a baby would make you sleepy and lazy the rest of the day! 

The picture I posted is actually from her bath on Friday with one of her many favorite nurses. I just love being able to see her face! Yesterday also marked her 30 week mark. Not too long before she hits the next big milestone of 34 weeks. A doctor I work with said of parenting, “the days are long but the years are short”…and I feel like I know exactly what he’s saying. I can’t believe she’s been in the NICU 40 days. It’s flown by.
It’s been nice that so far the “wait and watch” period has been pretty boring. No changes to her plan of care or medications. It has been a weight off our shoulders to walk in and see that Olivia is just resting comfortably and that the nurses seem relaxed. Olivia has gained a few more primary nurses as well which, to Kevin and I, alleviates more anxiety. We’ve been so impressed and pleased with how everyone has treated us and loved on Olivia. If I could show everyone how decorated her room is…you’d know. Kevin says jokingly/seriously “no other parents are allowed in our room or they will be jealous of all the arts and crafts!”. She’s well taken care of!

Praising God for all He has continued to do for Olivia. She is in God’s hands and He has placed wonderful people on her team-we are so very thankful! Continuing to pray for her growth,  her health, her strength, and her stability. 

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