10/20 NICU Day 58



Super boring day today! Olivia had her eye exam. It was very routine. Although she has some premature blood vessels and some minor abnormalities-the doctor and NP say this is normal. She will have another eye exam next week just to continue close follow up. So we will continue to pray her eyes develop without any abnormalities as she grows closer to her due date. 

Her feeds were condensed to run over two hours and were increased. She has having to learn how to manage a full belly and breathing. So far she is doing really well. No dips in her oxygen and no reflux! 

We are just being thankful for a boring day. A nurse today reminded me of how far we have come from when Olivia was just a little over 24 weeks (gestation) old. It’s amazing! I love looking back and being reminded of our journey. So so thankful. ❤️

Praying that Olivia continues to grow. That her lungs, heart, eyes…all develop appropriately. Still praying that she will be able to come off the oxygen soon. Thankful that she hasn’t had any events today and that her murmur is still hard to hear which is such a wonderful blessing. 

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