10/21 NICU Day 59

 Thank goodness for another uneventful day! I’ve been praying that over the next several weeks we have uneventful days so that Olivia can continue to grow. 

The only change today was weaning the oxygen. She is now on 1 L of oxygen through her nasal cannula. She didn’t have any events today and is continuing to tolerate her condensed feeding schedule. Hopefully that will be further condensed tomorrow. If she tolerates that, she will be moving to oral feeding very soon. 

With Olivia doing so well, I allowed myself a long afternoon break from the hospital to celebrate with my coworkers, (ha!-ironically at another hospital). My manager, who we all love, is moving to another position so everyone got together to throw her a going away party. It was so much fun to see my work family again. Feels like it’s been forever. It was also nice to be gone from Olivia’s hospital for awhile and not feel stressed or anxious about not being at her side. 

She has been doing great with all the small changes and adjustments to her care. I’m excited to continue to see her progress. I continue to pray that she does well and that she is home in no time! 

I feel like all my pictures now are of her trying to eat her hands…or her sleeping. I caught her at it again today and her expression is so funny to me…!

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