10/22 NICU Day 60

 Today was spa day! Kevin and I got to give Olivia her first tub bath. It was honestly so much fun. And I think our little nugget would agree.  

 Ha! I just love her facial expression. 

As far as her plan of care…her care times were increased to every three hours vs every four. This means she is being fed more often. So far she is tolerating it well! 

Olivia did have a lot more dips in her sats today and some edema noted on her assessment. Because of this, she was given a diuretic (lasix) to help relieve her body of extra fluid. The doctor feels this will help her breathing. Both the doctor and NP explained that the need for diuretics is common for preemies at some point during their stay. We are hoping that she won’t require extra oxygen and will still be able to be weaned off soon. It was somewhat disheartening seeing her have difficulty keeping her oxygenation levels up. But she is moving in the right direction. We were warned lots of small changes to her care plan would take place over this next week or so as she reaches the 34 week mark! 

Okay one more…

We are continuing to pray for Olivia’s health and growth. Praying that God continues to give wisdom, patience, and decisive decision making to the team caring for Olivia. I’m also praying for Olivia’s breathing and her reflux-that she would grow out of needing the oxygen and her reflux would resolve so she can tolerate orals feeds soon! 

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