10/23 NICU Day 61

No changes to Olivia’s plan of care today. She did lose some weight which is attributed to the lasix medication. Her rate of breathing seems to be improved-she isn’t breathing so quickly. However she did have some dips in her oxygen today again. The nurse felt that it could be related to her blood levels. She advocated for some additional labs to be drawn tomorrow morning. We will see…Olivia may need another blood transfusion. Her dips in oxygen could also be related to her feeds increasing in frequency. She does still have some issues with reflux. For now it’s a waiting game to see what may be the cause. She is still a premature baby-which I forget sometimes. 

Her and I shared long snuggles today while Kevin finished working on our home remodel. We (Olivia and I) FaceTimed with dad…she seemed very confused by the concept. She can definitely tell the difference between voices and knows Kevin’s voice! She was so happy hearing him.

This picture is from yesterday-Kevin picked out her outfit. It’s very fitting! Ever since day one she’s been a daddy’s girl. She loves him so much, you can tell just by how she is staring at him. 

 Well today was another day where I was questioning God and His goodness. I forget to be thankful for everything and that God is the same God yesterday today and tomorrow. I can lean on Him and trust that He gives me His strength and is with me every second of this season. So I continue to pray for Olivia and her health. And I will continue to work on trusting God and His plan. 

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