10/24 NICU Day 62

 We are so happy to report all of Olivia’s labs came back perfect! I’ll spare all the details and medical jargon…but the doctor was very pleased. 

The only change for little girl today was condensing her feeds to run over 90 minutes instead of two hours. They are hoping she tolerates this as it’s one step closer to a more normal feeding schedule. 

Also, the dips in her oxygen seem to happen around when her feeds are running. The doctor was not concerned and feels she still grow out of the reflux stage eventually. In some ways it is reassuring that the oxygen drops are not thought to be related to low blood levels or the fact she is dependent on the oxygen. 

Lastly, she is holding her temperature well. Once she hits 1600 grams she should be able to be in an open isolette (it’s the type of bed she’s in…for now it’s like a little box). Very exciting! Means she’s growing and just a little closer to discharge day.

We are so proud of Olivia and so thankful for how well she is doing! We just continue to try and leave ok at the big picture and take one day at a time. 

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