10/25 NICU Day 63

Not many changes to Olivia’s plan of care today. We’ve learned that she doesn’t like a lot of changes at one time. Her one big change was that her oxygen was turned down to 0.5 liters! She did great all day. If she continues doing well overnight, she may have another room air trial tomorrow. 

Olivia also gained some weight back today after her doses of lasix. She’s back up to 3 lbs 8 oz! Hopefully she will avoid any hiccups that will hinder her from gaining weight appropriately! 

Olivia’s next eye exam is Wednesday. She continues to be so alert-and has such big bright eyes :) I’m anxious to hear what this weeks results will show. 

Feeling very thankful today for so many things…Obviously one of them being Olivia. I was reminded today of how greatly we have been blessed and how much God has done. Kevin and I have started praying over the other NICU babies and families. We have been blessed with a huge family and community of believers. We’ve felt God’s presence-His comfort, peace, and strength. So we’ve been praying the same over the other families as well. It isn’t an easy season for us but I don’t want to be so focused on us I forget others. 

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