10/27 NICU Day 65

I waited to write my blog until this morning because I was hoping to have more cute bath pictures! Last night was bath night so I stayed late at the hospital to be there for that. But just like the other day…it was so fun I forgot to take pictures (and Kevin wasn’t there to serve as my photographer!). Yesterday’s big news was that Olivia practiced breast feeding. I didn’t want to write my whole blog around that since…my brother reads this. So! Those are my excuses for waiting until today. 

More ‘small changes’ for Olivia…but to me they are huge! Olivia is having another room air trial. Yesterday she almost never had the nasal prongs in her nose…this is her right before bed (after her bath). 

So this morning right after rounds I was able to take everything off :) 

She still needs to have her eye exam this morning but I plan to spend the day snuggling her afterward. Such a blessing that I have this time.  Not only to watch her progress, but to have time to comfort, soothe, and be apart of her growth. 

Please pray for Olivia’s eye health and for her little lungs! We are praying her lungs are strong enough to stand being off oxygen and all support. As for her eyes they may still be immature but we pray that as they grow in maturity they develop appropriately and will not require any intervention. 

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