10/28 NICU Day 66

 Olivia’s eye exam yesterday went well. She is progressing into zone 2…which basically means the blood vessels are becoming more mature. She has another exam next week so we are continuing to pray for good results. The reason for the eye exams are to look for retinopathy. One of the risk factors for retinopathy (which can cause blindness) is increased oxygen. So, it is a blessing that she has been off oxygen since yesterday!

She is also very proud of herself…and so happy to have one less thing in her tiny nose! Olivia has continued to do amazingly without the extra oxygen. She has not had any events/episodes and has been breathing comfortably-even continuing to tolerate long kangaroo times (I cuddled with her for a little over three hours today in one sitting!).

I was in the middle of telling Kevin how great she is doing, and how everyone is still so amazed how well she is doing when I got a phone call from WakeMed. Apparently around her 6pm care time she had spiked a temperature of 100.8 F. The NP said that on exam Olivia looks fantastic. Besides her temperature nothing seemed off. She is alert, continuing to eat her hands, and isn’t showing any signs of discomfort or pain. The NP told us she was having the nurse open up the isolette and recheck her temperature in an hour. 

An hour later we got a call saying that Olivia’s temperature had come down to 99.1 F. Not classified as a fever. Since Olivia still looks great they are going to watch her closely before deciding to start a sepsis work up. If she spikes a fever again, Olivia would have labs drawn to look for infection and start antibiotics (sepsis work up). Doesn’t sound awful but I just hate that for her…and selfishly for me. I was hoping we had sort of finished the hurdles and downs of NICU. 

So for now we are waiting. Kevin reminds me of how it has been miraculous how quickly she bounces back from set backs. He’s been good in reminding me of how far we’ve come and all that has been overcome. She’s a tough little cookie. I know she’s in good hands! 

Praying really hard that God heals Olivia of whatever caused her temperature to be elevated. He has done miracles and He has provided healing…I don’t doubt He will continue to do so. Sometimes I don’t even know what to pray for…I pray for her eyes and lungs and then she gets a fever (for example). So I’ve been trying to pray more that I will trust God and remember He has Olivia in His hands. It is so hard to do. But I know He is a good God and that He also provides comfort and peace and that He is with me now and also with Olivia in her hospital room. It’s going to be okay. 

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