10/29 NICU Day 67

 After yesterday evening’s phone call, I was anxious to get in to see Olivia first thing this morning. I was relieved and thankful to find that not only did her temperature remain stable, but she remained stable all night-still on room air. 

Because Olivia is not having her temperature regulated by the isolette, I am able to get her out and hold her more often. Pretty sure I held her 8+ hours total. Also, because of her weight and not needing the temperature control…Olivia moves to a big girl crib! 

Olivia has been able to practice breast feeding and hopefully will continue with that/taking a bottle. We were told today that is the next big hurdle. Some babies have a hard time with feedings and eating enough to keep gaining weight. So far, with how she has been cueing, I am hopefully she won’t have too much of an issue. 

Kevin was able to give Olivia her bath today :) which of course she loved. I can not get over how much she already loves her dad! It’s so sweet. Just continuing to take each day at a time and savoring every moment! (FYI I think my camera angle is why she looks extremely tiny in the first picture)

Also today a medical student came by to interview me on our NICU experience. After talking for awhile he said…”you know I’m a believer too and your story is incredible. God has big plans for Olivia.” Then he asked if he could pray with us. I was brought to tears. His prayer was all the words I wanted to say to God but had struggled to get out. It was beautiful and I could immediately feel God’s presence. It’s so neat how God works and uses people and puts them right where they need to be. 

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