10/3 NICU Day 41

I can’t wait until she’s big enough for bows 🥰.
Okay, a, short update today! Olivia’s milk drip was increased to 8ml an hour. According to the doctor, Her growth velocity is improving. Hopefully the trend continues as she is up to 2lbs 10 oz today! 

No other updates other than she continues to have a moderate amount of events and has continued to require oxygen. I’ve continued to pray that this improves as she continues to grow and develop. I know it’s normal but it still freaks me out if I’m being honest. I’m trying to leave all my worries and concerns in God’s hands. He’s blessed us so much I shouldn’t have any doubts of His goodness. 

Here is some artwork one of the nurse’s posted in Olivia’s room. A giraffe..I like to think it’s a reminder to Olivia to grow-although she won’t get any height from my side of the family. 

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